11 01, 2019

5 New Years’ Resolutions for Career Success


Making New Year's resolutions for your career can keep you moving forward in 2019.  It's a new year -- what better time than now to reflect on your professional development? The year will pass whether you make and keep career resolutions or not; you might as well make some and get ahead at work this year.  Here are some New [...]

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11 01, 2019

The 7 Biggest Data Breaches of 2018


Google+ suffered a data breach that affected all of its 52.5 users before an announcement it would shut down in 2019. Even as cybersecurity gets better and more IT professionals enter the field, large data breaches involving more than 100 million records continue to occur at record levels. The size of the breach is only one aspect of its seriousness; a breach [...]

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11 12, 2018

5 Tech Resume Best Practices for 2019


Your resume for a tech job can get you noticed if you have the right components. There may be a lot of tech jobs out there right now, but companies and recruiters are still looking to hire the best staff they can get. Showcase your top-notch talent by using these tech resume best practices for your job search [...]

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11 12, 2018

A Quick Guide to the CompTIA CySA Certification


CompTIA CySA+ certification can prevent and respond effectively to data breaches. Cybersecurity is the area of IT with the most severe personnel shortages right now, but that doesn't mean that just anyone can get a cybersecurity job. These highly skilled positions require extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of cybersecurity, and the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) Certification [...]

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14 11, 2018

New Report Highlights the Top Cybersecurity Risks to U.S. Businesses


Data breaches often happen because of employee error and carelessness about following security protocols. The top cybersecurity risk to U.S. businesses is not what most people might think. It isn't hackers that cause the most data breaches, although they may take advantage of lapses. According to a new study, it turns out that the top cybersecurity risk to [...]

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14 11, 2018

Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure: Examining a Growing Need


Software vulnerabilities could lead to bringing down all or part of the power grid in a cyber attack. The internet is now used for almost every major infrastructure system throughout the world. The power grid, water systems, hospitals, and even smart devices like home security systems and baby monitors are now networked together in ways that could make [...]

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16 10, 2018

6 Tech Trends Worth Watching in 2019


Chatbots that use machine learning are increasingly being adopted by many companies. As 2018 begins to draw to a close, several tech trends have emerged that seem likely to dominate the coming year. Here are some tech trends that will be worth watching in 2019. 1. Machine learning True artificial intelligence is still a few years away from [...]

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16 10, 2018

5 Common IT Jobs and Their Salaries


Network administrators often have to figure out and fix problems in a company's network. IT jobs continue to be plentiful, with shortages in key areas like cybersecurity keeping recruiters busy looking for qualified talent to fill open positions. Here are some common IT jobs and their current typical salary ranges to give you an idea what you could [...]

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4 09, 2018

5 Tips for Competing with Other Job Seekers


Doing your homework and paying attention to details can be ways to beat your competition in a job search.   You've honed your IT skills with education and hands-on experience, and now you're searching for a job—trying to find an employer who sees you as the best person for their open position. Job-searching involves a level of competition [...]

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4 09, 2018

Debunking 6 Common Job Search Myths


Don't let common myths keep you from a successful job search.   You've got new IT qualifications and you're ready to find your dream job in the field. Before you start looking, though, it's important to learn about and debunk common job search myths. 1. Resumes should only be one page. In the time of paper resumes, one [...]

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