Want to Jumpstart your IT Career? CompTIA A+ Certification can do just that!

Interested in pursuing a career as an IT Tech Support Specialist? Maybe a job as a Network Administrator is more your thing. Or perhaps what really gets you going is the thought of working as a Cybersecurity Analyst? Think about what aligns with your strengths, preferences, and aspirations, and use the CompTIA A+ Certification as a stepping stone to reaching where you’d like to be or see yourself a few years down the line.

What Is Involved In CompTIA A+ Certification?

CompTIA A+ Certification helps you master the skills necessary to perform tasks like hardware and software installation, configuration, diagnostics (diagnosing problems), preventative maintenance, and basic networking procedures in the real world. The exams cover topics like security, safety, and the environmental impact of these technologies, as well as how to communicate in the professional realm. 

A+ certification is recognized internationally, and is vendor neutral (which means you aren’t limited to working with just Microsoft products or just IBM products, for example). Moreover, the certification is recognized by all of the major hardware and software vendors, distributors, and resellers. Some tech companies even require the A+ Certification to be employed with them as a service technician.

Many positions are not even open to candidates who don’t have specific certifications or degrees. Achieving an A+ Certification opens up doors to the best businesses, including those giant tech companies that pay so well and offer excellent benefits.

Potential job titles with a CompTIA A+ Certification – you could call yourself an IT or PC Technician, and Help Desk Analyst. If you enjoy helping and training others, you could even become a coach or trainer for help desk staff yourself!

What Comes After Your A+ Certification?

A CompTIA A+ Certification through a reputable IT school like PC AGE can be easily followed up with supplemental certifications, according to exactly what IT career track you wish to pursue. For example, you could follow it up with other CompTIA certifications like Network+ and Security+ which will enhance and advance what you have learnt and open up avenues for you to determine where your interest and strengths lie.

With a Network+ Certification, you could be on your way to a new job title such as network technician, network administrator and network support specialist. Similarly, the CompTIA Security+ certification is an excellent path to pursue careers like network security administrator and cybersecurity specialist. This is often a prerequisite to other, more advanced security certifications. The Linux+. certification is an excellent track for those interested in jobs like systems administrator, junior Linux administrator, junior network administrator, Linux database administrator, and Web administrator.

These supplemental certifications will open up the pathway to becoming, say, an IT Manager or Cybersecurity Architect with a few years of experience under your belt. You can talk to one of our successful graduates in our Mentor Program to chalk out a vision and career path for yourself.

For a CompTIA A+ NJ school, you need look no further than PC AGE!

Certifications and degrees give you that edge when applying for jobs and also give you a rung up the ladder within your IT dept. Enrolling in an IT career school can jumpstart your career journey and give you that starting point and support you are looking for.


Once you achieve your A+ Certification, the sky’s the limit! Want to check and see if a career in IT is right for you? Take our computer aptitude test to find out now! You may take this test online or at our IT training NJ campuses.

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