What Are Some of the Top IT Jobs in Cloud Computing?

By 2021, cloud computing is expected to be a $300 billion business. Cloud computing is one of the top growth areas in the IT field as the majority of businesses now utilize the cloud for storage, computing, and analytics.

Not only is cloud computing a growing field, but there are talent shortages in this area that mean there are lots of jobs available. Here are some of the top IT cloud computing jobs you’re likely to find.

Cloud Architect

Cloud architects develop and manage a company’s cloud setup, including front-end platforms, servers, storage, delivery, and networks. Cloud computing has become incredibly complex, with the majority of companies utilizing multiple cloud platforms along with various software-as-a-service (SAAS) products, data storage, and even analytics.

Cloud architects often need to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy for the company, along with developing the systems that will meet strategic objectives. Architect roles will also develop best practices for cloud computing and work on compliance with government and other regulations. The average salary for cloud architects is more than $100,000 annually.

IT professional working on a computer.

IT professionals need cloud computing skills for many of today’s jobs in the field.

Cloud Software Engineer

Someone has to create all of the software programs that are offered by cloud providers to users. If you have extensive programming and coding ability, cloud providers and other third-party companies can put you to work developing SAAS products and other software the cloud needs to remain functional.

Cloud software engineers might work for a company that needs custom cloud solutions, for a company that contracts with multiple companies to build software solutions for them, or for a cloud platform that needs software solutions for its platform. These roles also command salaries over $100,000 annually, on average.

Cloud Sales Manager

Cloud sales is an essential aspect of doing business as a cloud provider and can be one of the more lucrative ways to make a living working with the cloud. A cloud sales job doesn’t require the same level of programming or development knowledge as other cloud jobs, but still requires a thorough understanding of how the cloud works and what types of solutions companies might need.

As with most sales jobs, the salary you make will be at least partly dependent on your ability to close a deal. While the skills required for this type of cloud job may be different from other cloud computing roles, it is also a job that doesn’t require as much education as others might.

There are many other jobs that now require cloud computing skills as a part of the role. Some of these could be data scientist, network engineer, and systems administrator, for companies that use the cloud for data storage and to run their network.

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