How to Find Your Dream IT Career in 2020

You might know that you want to work in the IT field, but aren’t sure what area will suit you the best. Here are some ways that you can focus your efforts on the right IT career for you.

What Do You Most Enjoy?

The best way to figure out your preferred area of IT is to take a few basic courses and see if you feel drawn to one area more than the others. Maybe you enjoy tracking down hacking attempts and making sure a company’s computers are safe from viruses and malware. In that case, cybersecurity might be the area you are best suited for. If solving problems is something you really enjoy, you might want to become an analyst. For those who are stimulated by the creative process, software development may be the best place for you within IT.

Another way to figure out your best IT career might be to see what jobs are most available within the field. What are the careers that have the greatest need right now? Due to market conditions, however, most jobs in IT currently have plenty of openings. So you have a good chance of getting a job in any area of IT if you have the right skills.

Man drawing on a digital screen.

IT professionals are usually well-paid and can often advance into management positions.

Is Management for You?

If you do a good job in an entry-level IT position for a while, chances are you may get offered a promotion to a management position. While management positions generally pay more than entry-level, they come with a higher level of responsibility and often, a heavier workload. Managers may get a set salary that is the same no matter how many hours they work. And they may be expected to work until the job is done or the problem is resolved, however long it takes.

Not everyone is well-suited to management positions, no matter how much they might aspire to one. Many skills are involved in managing others, including communication, prioritizing, time management, and conflict resolution. These skills can be learned, but for many people, they don’t come naturally.

Keep Learning

The most advanced IT jobs often take high levels of education to master. If you pursue an advanced degree or certification and still enjoy working in that area, you can be pretty sure that you are well suited for that area. Some amount of continuing education is always needed in the IT field because technology changes and advances constantly. So, if you do tire of one area, you can always try getting a certification or taking some classes in another discipline.

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