A Quick Guide to the PC Age Study Companion Scholarship

PC AGE awards a $500 Study Companion Scholarship to a student and his/her friend/relative if both students start the program at the same time. The rationale behind this program is that studying with a friend or another person can lead to better educational outcomes.

The Benefits of Co-Learning

Friends who learn together can increase the amount each one learns. This is because what generally happens when friends study together is that they often have to explain concepts or information to each other, which solidifies the knowlege in their own minds. Teaching information to others is a great way to make sure you really know it, and this often happens when friends or relatives take courses together.

Friends studying together can also lead to better learning habits. Study time can naturally result when friends spend time together. In addition, there can be a friendly competition that arises between students when they know each other outside of class. Instead of your classmates and instructor just being anonymous, now you have a classmate that will be asking you how you did on a test or assignment.

Friendly competition often leads to people trying harder in a course and really making an effort to do their best to avoid being embarrassed or looking bad to your classmate. Instead of being unhealthy, it can bring accountability into the situation.

Couple studying together at home at their dining room table.

Studying together has many benefits for those who do it.

How the Study Companion Scholarship Works

This scholarship is only offered to new students and their friends/relatives who have never enrolled at PC AGE. Former students are not eligible. In this way, the scholarship also encourages new enrollment.

There are no grade requirements for the scholarship, other than passing the courses being taken and working toward graduation. The scholarship amount will be credited to the students’ accounts upon graduation. In this way, only students who both complete the program will be eligible for the scholarship.

PC AGE seeks to encourage students to enter the school’s programs and find their new careers in information technology. Tech graduates are in high demand, and many employers are looking for professionals with IT skills to work for their companies.

An IT Training Program With Proven Results

Many students have worked hard and completed programs at PC AGE that have led them to new careers in the IT field. A 2019 graduate of PC AGE said, “I had no idea about computers other than just using them before I started this program, and now just after 9 months in school I am configuring routers and administering networks. I even got a job in the IT field with $60k before I graduated. I am very appreciative of PC AGE and its intense program. It is a great investment.”

Another student said, “Coming here really changed my life and my family lives. I am finally on a great path where the future has many possibilities. Within 9 months, I was able to learn so much from Mohamed and the many resources that were given me. Now, I have options for where I want to work rather the opposite.”

PC AGE offers courses that lead to IT certifications and completion of programs that will get graduates a number of different IT jobs. Request info about all the programs we offer.