Is a Help Desk Support Role Right for You?

Across the U.S., there are hundreds of thousands of help desk support positions that provide customer service and support to businesses and individuals using software and servers. Help desk support positions are some of the most common entry-level IT positions available, and the education required to get one of these positions varies from company to company.

As of 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated there were 835,300 computer support specialists and the industry was growing at an 11% annual rate, which is faster than average. The average salary for these positions was $53,470 per year, or over $25 per hour.

Training Required for Help Desk Support Jobs

Help desk support jobs are among the those that require the least computer training, at least in all but the largest companies. In some cases, just having the necessary computer knowledge may be all that is necessary. Some help desk positions even provide training in the necessary skills.

Woman with headset smiling.

Even a few computer skills courses could qualify you for a help desk support position.

In most cases, though, help desk positions do require some coursework, anywhere from a few courses to an associates degree. Here are some of the skills most helpful for help desk support roles:

Listening skills — You will spend a great deal of time on the phone listening to customer questions and problems with the software or server you are servicing. Good listening skills will help you clearly understand what customers need so you can help them in the best possible way.

Speaking skills — You may think you have excellent speaking skills, but it takes some practice to articulate technical information so customers can easily understand it. You can practice on friends or family members until it sounds natural to you and begins to come more easily.

Customer service skills — Besides being able to listen and speak well, good customer services skills include how to find technical information you don’t readily know and satisfying difficult customers who don’t make it easy to do your job.

Problem-solving skills — While many customer issues and problems are fairly easy to solve, there are always some sticky ones that require you to dig deep. It could be a big step to advancement if you are one of the help desk support people who can solve the difficult problems on a regular basis.

Writing skills — More and more help desk support positions are being done via chat, email and instant message. These written forms of support require good writing skills in order to explain concepts and give directions clearly and concisely.

If you enjoy talking or messaging with people and helping them solve problems with software or servers, a help desk support job could be a good way to enter the IT field and begin your career. With just a few courses from PC AGE, you could gain the skills you need for a new career that pays well and allows you to help people. Contact us for more information about our top-notch programs and courses.