Funding Your Future: Don’t Let Cost Get in the Way of Your Career

Information technology jobs are plentiful right now. Some areas are experiencing severe talent shortages, making it very difficult to find enough qualified people to fill positions. However, many IT jobs require at least some training.

Taking courses isn’t free, though, and you may not have money to put toward your education. Fortunately, there might be help available for you to go to school without having to put money out upfront.

Getting Grants for School

If you meet certain income requirements, you might qualify for Pell Grants, which can be used toward schooling costs, books, and living expenses while you are in school at least half time. Pell grants do not have to be paid back, but are the government’s way of helping those with low incomes to afford higher education.

Many states also have training grants that help unemployed workers pay for training so they can qualify for more jobs and improve their chances when job-searching. In New Jersey, for instance, the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and the New Jersey Workforce Development Partnership (WDP) provide funds for workers who have been laid off.

Person typing on a laptop computer with paper money nearby.

Grants, loans, and veterans’ benefits are all sources that can provide money for career training.

Getting Loans for School

You can also get government-subsidized loans if you don’t qualify for grants or if your costs are higher than what you get from grants. Like grants, loans can be used for tuition, books, and living expenses. Loans do have to be repaid, but have a lower, subsidized interest rate and can be deferred for up to three years if you can’t get a full-time job or have a low enough income after completing school.

Some loans also have income-sensitive repayment provisions, so you won’t be asked to pay more than a certain percentage of your income. And if you don’t manage to repay your loans in a certain period, usually 25 years, they are forgiven.

GI Bill for Veterans

Those who have served in the military are eligible for education funding through the G.I. Bill, and schools including PC AGE work directly with the government to pay for coursework that can lead to a new career in information technology. Having served your country in the armed forces, you can now get training for a lucrative IT career without having to incur a cost or get into debt to do so.

At PC AGE, there are many ways to finance your education so that you can move forward in your future IT career. There’s no reason to let finances hold you back from reaching your goals and finding a high-paying computer career. Contact us for information about our courses and programs that will prepare you to develop great skills and become qualified for a number of IT careers.