The Top 9 Job Boards for IT Professionals in 2019

Three people working on a project together looking at a desktop computer screen.

IT jobs can be found on many job boards.

One place to find IT job openings is by browsing job boards for listings for which you may be qualified. Certainly, big-name job boards that most people will recognize are prime locations for tech job listings, but there are many others just for tech that also have valuable offerings. Here are some of the top job boards for IT professionals in 2019.


This board has many of the best tech jobs available. You can specify by geographic location, company, work from home options, and part time/full time/contract work. Recruiters have praised Dice as “extremely popular” and the place to start when looking for a tech job.


Boasting companies like Dropbox, Shopify, Paypal, and Zillow, Hired is another tech job powerhouse that lists many top tech jobs in major markets. Search options include by career path, by company, or by role.

3. Monster or Indeed.

These are the two biggest all-inclusive job sites, and both include good numbers of tech jobs. The volume of traffic on these sites might make competition stiffer, but they’re still a good place for finding listings of larger companies and may have a higher volume of listings in smaller geographic areas.

4. LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has become a recruiting powerhouse. Job listings will be plentiful, and you will be able to see where you might have a connection that could refer or recommend you for a particular position, which always helps when the competition is strong.

5. GitHub

This is a main source for developer jobs and those requiring higher skill levels. In addition, GitHub has a significant number of jobs in Europe and Asia for those wanting a more global experience. Searches can be filtered by expertise, title, benefits, or companies, in addition to location if needed.

Man wearing a suit and leaning against a wall using his tablet.

You can find an IT job through a job board.

6. The Ladders

The Ladders focuses on jobs that pay six figures and up. Although some lower-paying jobs can be included, the focus is on higher-paying positions both in the tech sector and in other areas like marketing, sales, and finance.

7. AngelList

This board focuses exclusively on startups, so if you want the risk and possible reward of getting in on the ground floor of a business, here’s the place to look. Many millionaires and billionaires have been made in startups, but many also fail and workers end up with nothing, not even a paycheck. You’ll never know unless you try, though.

8. Craigslist

While it can be hard to know what you’re getting when you see a job posting on Craigslist, there are many legitimate offerings including some that are part-time, remote and contract-based for those who need these options. The other advantage of Craigslist is that job posters often want someone immediately, so it’s great for when you need a job fast.

9. GeekWork

GeekWork is a smaller site but still has lots of network and systems administrator jobs across the U.S. as well as a variety of other positions for those in the tech field who want to see all of their options.

These are just a smattering of the job boards out there for tech offerings, but they are some of the best and most popular. Need IT skills to snag one of these great-paying jobs? Contact us at PC AGE to find out how we can help you get a new career.