5 Tips for Finding Your Dream IT Job

IT training Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

IT job searches can be helped by a school’s career services department.

IT jobs are currently plentiful, but some positions will be better suited to your skills, temperament and goals than others. Here are some tips for finding your dream IT job in this rapidly growing field.

1. Know what you’re looking for.

By the time you have the skills to start looking for an IT job, you should have an idea of what type of job you would enjoy. There are many aspects to consider: telecommute vs. work on site, creating new systems vs. maintaining existing ones, coding vs. troubleshooting, etc. Your classroom experiences should help you eliminate some choices and narrow down the broad field at least somewhat.

2. Prepare with the right IT certifications.

IT certifications demonstrate objectively to employers that you have the necessary skills for a given position. Having certifications in the area in which you want to work will give you an advantage over those without them, and may even help you get paid more for the same position. Certifications also highlight your experience in a given area.

3. Prepare a top-notch resume.

Your resume is the first impression a potential employer will have of you, and you want it to be as good an impression as possible. Using best practices to create an outstanding resume will ensure that you have the best possible chance of getting a second look. Some best practices include tailoring your resume to each job description, using keywords from the description, formatting for applicant tracking software, and including specific accomplishments and achievements rather than just a list of job duties or responsibilities.

IT training Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

Your dream IT job can be identified with the help of career services.

4. Practice interviewing skills.

It may feel awkward to role-play interview situations, but it will make you more comfortable during the actual interview because you will have practiced many of your answers beforehand. If you practice with someone experienced in interviewing, you can also get helpful advice and feedback about your interview skills and how you can improve upon them.

5. Use your school’s career services.

If you attend classes at a school like PC AGE, you will have access to career services that will help you with all aspects of the job search process. PC AGE incorporates resume and career services into each one of their courses to help students get the skills they need to find jobs once they complete the coursework.

Career services provided include training in interview skills and resume creation. PC Age also has relationships with local businesses that hire workers, so you can form direct connections with them that may lead to a job.

PC AGE offers IT courses that lead to certifications and can be used toward a degree. Request info to learn about our programs and career services that can lead to an IT career.

 Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing