The 7 Hottest IT Careers for 2018

IT courses Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

A new year is almost here, and that means new opportunities for IT careers and companies that may have new budgets to hire IT workers they need. Here are some of the hottest IT careers for 2018, based on projections for growth and open positions.

1. Business Intelligence Analyst.

Handling a business’s data and being able to use it effectively to strengthen and grow the business is the task of a business intelligence analyst. Skills in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), data cube technology, and the ability to handle database queries are needed for these positions, which are increasingly needed by many businesses as they rely more on data for their operations.

2. Computer Support Specialist.

Computer support specialists are not only needed by just about every company these days, but they are also needed by schools, government organizations, and individuals to handle computer malfunctions, viruses, and other problems, as well as train users. More than 235,000 positions are available and most only require associates degrees or other training courses.

3. Computer Systems Analyst.

These IT professionals create new computer systems for organizations and work to improve existing technologies and other business processes. Analytical skills are paramount for these positions, as well as good communication and teamwork skills. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that there are 223,000 open positions for computer systems analysts in today’s marketplace.

IT courses Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

4. Database Developer.

Building a database is a task many companies need as they look to use data more efficiently in their operations. These positions use problem-solving skills, and certifications like Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional can be helpful in demonstrating to employers that you have the right skills for the job.

5. Network Administrator.

Network administrators need to keep networks and servers in good operating condition, and they often need to be on call and available when problems occur, or the network goes down. LAN/WAN protocol skills are essential for these positions, as well as software and hardware knowledge and abilities.

6. Computer Software Engineer.

Being able to develop software and test existing software programs is a high-demand skill set for IT professionals, with 218,000 open positions at the time of this publication. Many businesses need software engineers to develop custom solutions to accomplish the tasks they need to operate, and software companies also need workers to develop software solutions they can sell to other companies and organizations.

7. Data Security Administrator.

Keeping an organization’s data secure is an important IT career path requiring cybersecurity skills and certifications that can be used to develop security protocols, discover potential vulnerabilities, and install or implement protective measures that will keep sensitive data secure.

Although these are some of the hottest IT careers for 2018, there are many other exciting opportunities in this continually growing and developing field. PC AGE offers courses that can help you earn valuable IT certifications. Request info about our programs and how they can help you start or further your IT career.

 Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing