The Top 5 Reasons to Pursue IT Certifications

IT certifications Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

IT certifications can help you advance in the IT field.

IT certifications offer many benefits to those who earn them, from enhanced knowledge to higher earning potential. If you’re thinking about pursuing an IT certification, here are some of the best reasons to start.

1. To prove to potential employers that you possess needed skills.

It’s one thing to tell a potential employer that you have the skills to do a given job, but it’s another thing entirely to be able to prove that you have those skills. Students only earn certifications after they pass a rigorous exam, showing that they have the skills and knowledge they need to get that job done right. 96 percent of HR managers in larger companies use IT certifications as a screening tool when hiring.

2. To earn more money at a given job.

Those who have IT certifications are often paid more than those who don’t. Part of this is because they are more qualified and educated, and part of it is that employers know they will be getting someone with proven skills (see #1), and they are willing to pay a higher price for that peace of mind.

3. To move up to a higher level position.

Many times, certifications lead to promotions, so if you want to move up in your company or get a higher level position at another company, certifications will help you get there. Another great thing about certifications is that there are often several levels of certifications that teach more and more advanced skills, so you can start with the basics and move up to the next one without having to learn all new skills in a completely different area.

IT certifications Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

If you want to continue learning after your degree, certifications are helpful in keeping skills up to date.

4. To do a better job in your current position.

Maybe you feel like you need to fill some skill gaps before you can really be competent in your current position. If so, obtaining a certification can be a great way to fill those gaps, and may even lead to a raise or a promotion along the way. Certifications can also help you keep your current job if you’re struggling to do it well because you lack skills.

5. To continue learning after earning a degree.

Those who think they know everything they need to know after earning a degree would be wise to understand that, particularly in the IT field where technology grows exponentially and at a rapid rate, you start to go backward as soon as you stop learning. No matter how advanced your IT degree is, certifications can update stagnating skills and teach you what you need to know to thrive as new technologies are continually developed.

There are PC certifications for many different specialty areas of IT, including some of the fastest-growing specialties that are in the greatest demand right now: cyber security, networking, and Windows Server certifications. Most companies are in need of skilled personnel in all of these areas and more. Gaining new skills with certifications will show that you are ready for anything that comes your way.

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Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing