6 Things to Expect if You’re Pursuing a Career in Systems Administration

A career in systems administration can be satisfying and rewarding for hardworking individuals capable of managing a complex workload. Systems administrators supervise the maintenance of a company’s networks and servers, software, and hardware. Whether a company’s systems are simple for just a few employees or complex to meet the needs of hundreds or thousands of employees, systems administrators are responsible for it all.

Here are some things to expect if you’re pursuing a career in systems administration.

1. You’ll always be busy.

The complex nature of a systems administrator’s job means that there is always something to do. Systems administrators need to handle all of the company’s servers and networks, software, and hardware, which means managing any problems that come up, keeping everything running smoothly, making frequent updates and upgrades, and constantly trying to make everything work even better than it currently does.

2. You may be supervising a team.

For companies with larger systems, there will probably be a team working to keep everything going. In addition to understanding the technology related to the systems, you will also need people skills to help you manage the team and make sure they work effectively to maintain the system.

3. The buck will stop with you.

Like with most things in life, people may not notice when everything is working well. But when there’s a problem, they will notice and you’ll be responsible for getting it fixed fast. Even if you have a team working with you, the systems administrator is usually the point person to communicate to company leaders what is going on and what efforts are being taken to fix the problems when they do occur.
IT certifications
Being able to solve problems will serve you well in a systems administrator career.

4. You will get paid well for your efforts.

Systems administrators with experience in larger companies can make six-figure salaries, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for this position is about $84,500. By comparison, the average annual wage for all jobs is about $49,500. Salaries can vary greatly depending on the size of the company and the cost of living in the area the company is located.

5. It won’t be too hard to switch jobs or find another job.

The job outlook for systems administrators is good. Most companies now need a systems administrator in order to function. About 8 percent annual growth is expected as companies continue to grow and need to hire more help in their IT departments.

6. You will need to continue your education.

The IT field is constantly changing, and to keep up with the changes, you will need to keep learning constantly. Many systems administrator jobs require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and some only require IT certifications that provide the skills you need.

While you can learn some of what you need to know outside the classroom, other skills will be best taught by seasoned instructors like those at PC AGE, which provides courses to prepare you for IT certifications that can land you a position as a systems administrator. Request information about our programs including certifications that could help you get started in a career as a systems administrator.

Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing