William Clifford

Just over a year ago, William Clifford, 33, was living in Chicago making a good living as a bartender. The New-Jersey native lived in the Windy City for 10 years before deciding to move back to New Jersey. He moved to Verona and looked for work as a bartender, but couldn’t find a job anywhere.

“I couldn’t find any work as a bartender,” Clifford said. “I had to take a job working part-time at a liquor store.”

Clifford knew working in the liquor store wasn’t a permanent solution. When he saw an ad for PC AGE on the PATH train to Manhattan, he decided to contact the school to see what his options were. He enrolled in March and has already received his CompTIA A+ certification and his Windows 7 certification. He is still attending the school and will consider going into computer education.

“I’ve been pondering my career goals lately,” Clifford said. “I’m leaning toward instruction right now. I think I want to go into education.”

Clifford already finds he is more comfortable speaking with prospective employers. He has more confidence and more career prospects.

“I definitely feel like I have more options for my life,” Clifford said. “I have my resume out there and I’m getting a lot of call backs. When I moved back from Chicago I wasn’t too sure of myself, so PC AGE has helped empower me in a sense.”

The only real stress in his life now is getting back and forth from classes and job interviews.

“It will be a little easier when I get a car,” Clifford joked.