After 9 years as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, I decided to switch fields into IT and computer networks/support. I considered doing “self-training”, either online or by using books. I decided against that, and chose PC AGE for the benefits of a live instructor and access to “practice” servers and workstations in an isolated environment. PC AGE was also offering the fastest course (~9 months) compared to other technical schools, and my desire was to minimize my “time lost” (aka time unemployed) during my career transition. Thanks to the resources available at the school, I was able to meet my target goals of taking and passing every certification exam within 1 week of completing the corresponding PC AGE course. (note: results not typical of most students). Considering I had no prior industry experience in IT, having these certifications was crucial to landing my first job. My current employer cites my rapid acquisition of certifications as impressive and one of the reasons they were willing to hire me. on a personal note, things here are fun and I’m learning lots