Nii Ankrah Bruce-Vanderpuije

At my time at PCAGE I’ve learned more then I could’ve imagined through lectures from great teachers to hands on experience of many operating systems and hardware. My time at PCAGE was informative and opened up many doors for me. At first I was hesitant to attend, being that I had only a limited amount of knowledge about computers. Though I was forewarned about the workload and the fast-pace class structure, I accepted the challenge.

This school helps you on your path to being an IT Professional from Beginner to Advanced in a short period of time. After finishing high school I went straight to PCAGE and it was one of the best decisions of my LIFE. As soon as I finished Career Services worked with me and I landed a job in no time.

A big THANK YOU to the amazing staff and Instructors that helped me throughout my time at PCAGE for a fun, friendly, enjoyable learning experience. I’d highly recommend this school to anyone wanting to start a career in IT, or anyone looking for that extra boost in their IT career.