Nicholas Eakin

My time at PC Age was truly enjoyable.As someone who worked in the Laborers Union his whole career, I was nervous about returning to school in order to pursue a career in computers. My experience with computers at the time was limited, but not as much as my lack of office experience. However, when I began my classes at PC AGE, I immediately felt at ease. The instructors were extremely personable and always willing to lend any extra help that was needed. I never felt embarrassed to ask a question and the instructor made sure to make him or herself clear before moving on. Each class built upon the previous class which made for a smooth and consistent learning experience. Every person I experienced at PC AGE, was very friendly and willing to help in any aspect they could. Even after I completed all the required classes, I had scheduled one-on-one appointments to write and revise my resume with an instructor who was aware of what potential employers were looking for in a candidate. Not only did PC AGE help with constructing my resume to my best advantage, they were also extremely diligent in assisting with job placement. As with most things, it is true and you get out what you put in. I put in a maximum effort at PC AGE and I believe they did the same for me. As a result, I am currently happily employed by a company that PC AGE set up an interview with. If I had it to do over again, I would indeed choose PC AGE.