Josh Perlmutter

My last day of school at PC AGE was on a Thursday, and I went to work the next Monday. I am now a Network Engineer dealing mainly with municipal accounts. I am extremely grateful for the education I received at PC AGE because without it, I would not be qualified for my job….I would absolutely recommend PC AGE to anyone who is thinking about IT as a career.

I first heard about PC AGE when I saw an advertisement on the front of the Star Ledger. At the time, I was trying to decide where to go to get my IT technical education. I decided to call PC AGE and take a tour of the school. After seeing the classrooms, computers and meeting with some students to discuss the school, I decided that PC AGE was the place for me.

As I progressed through my courses, I realized how much I was learning. The material was comprehensive and the teachers were skilled. As a student who asks a lot of questions, I was happy knowing that they would always be answered. The courses seemed to fly by and before I knew it, I was at the end of my program.

The education that I got at PC AGE in Metropark prepared me to go to work in the field of Information Technology. The career services staff was extremely helpful with helping me get my resume together for applications and preparing me for interviews. After going on many interviews, I finally got hired.