Josephil Chan

My Experience at PC AGE:

The first time I heard about PC AGE was from my friend Dave who’s attending the night program. I was in the process of making a career change in my life after being laid off and knew that I wanted to get into the IT field. Although I was sure that this was the career I wanted to get into, I was unclear as to what technical institution I would attend to receive the necessary training needed to be successful in IT industry. With my unemployment only having a year left, my friend Dave advised me to check out PC AGE because the Internetwork Engineering day program would only take 9 months to complete. Since time was of the essence, I decided to contact the school and schedule a visit to see what PC AGE had to offer.

To say the least, I was impressed with what Zalak had to say that day when I visited the Metropark campus. Shortly after our discussion, I was filling out the paperwork necessary to begin my enrollment. During my 9 months stay, I learned a lot from Drew and Karen’s teachings and hands on training. Michele from Career Services was also extremely helpful with improving my resume and helping me prepare with attending job interviews. The 9 months definitely flew by because as the saying goes “time flies when you’re having lots of fun”. With hard work and dedication, I completed the Internetwork Engineering Program. Because of the training I received from PC AGE, I was able to land a career in the Financial District in New York City starting on March 5th as a Desktop Support Engineer.