James Jensen

James Jensen, 43, came to PC AGE because he believes there is a growing market for people who can combine network engineering skills with knowledge of the medical industry. The career nurse is currently enrolled at PC AGE because he needs to develop his knowledge of computers to tap in to those opportunities.

“I believe there will be career opportunities like that down the road, but if not, it’s a nice backup plan for a second career,” Jensen said.

It might even be a good first career for Jensen. The East Orange resident is currently out of work because of a medical issue. When he graduates from PC AGE this November, he will consider the Information Technology field as strongly as he will consider the nursing field.

“The compensation is comparable to nursing and there’s a growing market for the computer field,” Jensen said. Jensen became a nurse after graduating from Essex County College in 2000. Before that he built boats and held several miscellaneous jobs.

In the future, he would like to work somewhere that gives him a good living and time to travel. He would like to spend time with his two sons, ages 21 and 12, as well as his 19-year-old daughter.

“PC AGE is helping me learn the skills I’m going to need to get the job I want,” Jensen said. “I thought I knew a lot about computers. When I came here, I realized I didn’t. They’re very thorough in what they teach you.”