5 Ways You’ll Use Your CHFI Certification at Work

IT certifications Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

Computer forensics and hacking skills are growing needs for many industries and careers.

How would a computer hacking forensics investigator certification be useful in a typical workplace? It seems like something out of an episode of CSI where people need to find the bad guys through their computers or phones.

Believe it or not, CHFI certification can be useful in many different jobs to enhance your skill set so you can meet your employer’s constantly evolving needs. Here are some ways you might use a CHFI certification in your IT job.

1. To figure out whether your network was breached.

IT security professionals and systems administrators can use the skills gained from a CHFI certification to help detect network breaches, should they occur. In many cases, they can also work toward determining who was behind the breach and help law enforcement identify them so they can be prosecuted.

Instead of your company having no idea its security was breached or that customer data was compromised, CHFI-certified staff will have the skills to identify a breach, or hopefully, to prevent or stop it before any information is compromised.

2. To augment law enforcement training.

For police and other law enforcement personnel, CHFI certification can help them investigate cybercrime and catch cybercriminals. Cybercrime is on the rise and law enforcement training has lagged because it is fairly new and constantly evolving.

CHFI certification could help you get promoted to detective or other supervisory positions where greater expertise about cybercrime and data breaches is necessary.

3.  To build a criminal or civil case against hackers, or defend accused cybercriminals.

The CHFI certification may be useful for lawyers, both prosecutors and defense attorneys, who may come across more and more frequent cases involving cybersecurity and data breaches. In order to properly prosecute or defend these cases, a thorough understanding of hacking and computer forensics may be needed.

IT certifications Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

Computer forensics involves gathering evidence to prove that cybercrimes were committed.

4. To ensure that disloyal employees don’t steal information or resources, or to gather evidence that they did so in order to prosecute them.

Disloyal employees could use their access to company servers and networks to steal corporate secrets or give other people access to corporate data and networks. Obtaining a CHFI certification can ensure that your company remains safe, or that disloyal employees who have already damaged company data can be brought to justice.

5. To be sure dismissed employees don’t disrupt the network or any part of the server. 

After employees are dismissed, they may want to strike back at the company by stealing information, data or money from the company. They may also attempt to destroy data or systems. CHFI certification can prevent these attacks or enable the collection of evidence to prosecute them after the fact.

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Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing