How IT Professionals Use the MCSA Server 2012 Certification

Microsoft certification training Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

Working on a company’s servers requires specialized information that the process of certification can provide.

Unlike a more general degree in information technology, IT certifications show that professionals have specific knowledge in a particular area or with particular software programs. MCSA Server 2012 certification is useful because it shows that an IT professional has knowledge and experience with Microsoft Server 2012 system software.

In the real world, otherwise known as the IT field, MCSA Server 2012 certification may lead to one of several jobs within a company. Demand for these positions will likely be high because many (if not most) companies use Microsoft as their operating system and to power their computers, their network, and their server (or sometimes servers).

Computer/Network Support Specialist

One position an MCSA Server 2012-certified individual can get is that of computer or network support specialist. Networks are tremendously useful to companies to centralize their operations and provide ways to communicate easily within the company as well as outside it. Computer and network support specialists are needed to help keep the network and server running efficiently so that the company can function as well as it should.

Network Engineer

If you think planning, implementing and supporting a company’s computer networks sounds like an interesting job, the MCSA Server 2012 certification could land you a job as a network engineer with a company that uses Microsoft servers. The certification will prepare you to handle every aspect of a network, from understanding how it functions to dealing with the inevitable problems that come up with company servers.

Microsoft certification training Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

Maintaining a company’s servers is an important job that requires expertise and know-how.

Systems Engineer

A systems engineer is a more comprehensive position than a network engineer and requires someone who can look at the big picture of a company’s entire operations system to ensure its optimal function. Systems engineers work with program managers to meet the needs of different departments and sectors of the company. They also deal with risks to security or functioning so that company data remains safe and secure.

Network Administrator

This position is more supervisory in nature and may lead to the supervision of others with the same certification but with less experience. A network administrator may also be the sole IT professional for a given network when a company is smaller and doesn’t need a whole team to handle its network. Network administrators often come into play when companies use different operating systems or software platforms and need someone who can make everything work together.

Windows Migration Specialist

Migration specialists are needed when a company wants to move all its systems to Microsoft from other operating systems or platforms, or when upgrading from one version of Windows to another. Both upgrading and switching to Microsoft can be complex processes for companies with large networks, and professionals who are aware of what can go wrong and how to help things go smoothly will be in high demand for companies undertaking that process.

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Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing