Interested in an IT Career? Here’s How to Get Started

IT career Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

An IT career doesn’t necessarily have to start with a degree.

Getting started in the information technology field may not be as difficult as you might think. While many employers do require college degrees, there are ways to break into the field at an entry level or maybe try out the field without first spending years getting a degree.

Coding and Web Design

Some professionals choose to teach themselves HTML or other coding languages or to take a brief course to gain skills in this area. While some web designers and coders have a great deal of knowledge and extensive education, it is possible to build a basic website or write a basic program with self-taught skills or a brief course.

If you try out web design or basic coding and find it enjoyable, you can always take more courses, pursue a degree, or even get a job with a company that is willing to train you on the job to advance your skills.

Support Desk or Technician

With just a few certifications and a high school degree, it may be possible to start out in the IT field as a desk analyst, network technician, or desktop support representative. Some software companies may also hire support professionals and train them in the specific software they will be supporting, without much other IT background.

The benefit to starting out in the IT field without a college degree is that in many cases, you can go to college part time while working, and even get your employer to pay for your education through tuition reimbursement programs. Not only have you avoided the typical crushing college debt load, but you will be able to move up in your job once you get the degree, all while working and earning a living.


IT career Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

Network technicians may only need a small certification to get started working in the IT field.

Online Courses

Taking courses online can make it possible to keep going with your education even when the rest of your life may be hectic with family obligations or other interests and responsibilities. Online courses can typically be completed when you have time during the day rather than needing to show up for class at a set time, and online courses may mean that you can attend a school of your choice, even if you don’t live nearby.

Furthermore, online courses may be the only option for some rarely offered courses or for obscure certifications that most schools don’t offer. Keep in mind that some students do need the structure and face-to-face interaction that on-site courses offer, but with a moderate amount of motivation and self-discipline, online courses can be a good option.

PC AGE offers coursework that can lead to a tech career, even without a full degree. PC AGE courses can also supplement a degree when more specific skills are needed, and partnerships with local schools can culminate in a degree if one is required. Contact us about our programs to find out what we can offer.

Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing