Everything You Need to Know about the MCSA Server 2012 Certification

Microsoft certification training Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

Microsoft certifications are considered valuable to employers looking for competent IT professionals.

Are you MCSA Server 2012 certified? The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Server 2012 certification serves as proof that you are capable of designing and implementing servers and infrastructures with the Windows operating system and Windows System Server software.

Businesses often use Windows Servers to run their networks and communicate within their businesses, so demand for IT professionals who can determine businesses’ needs and meet those needs with Windows software solutions will likely remain high well into the future.

The MCSA Server 2012 certification is an entry-level certification that does not require prior experience. Students are expected to understand networking basics and have basic knowledge of the Windows operating system before preparing to take the exams.

What to Expect from the MCSA Server 2012 Exams

There are three exams that must be passed to earn MCSA Server 2012 certification. Candidates are considered Microsoft Certified Professionals after passing the first exam on installing and configuring Windows Server 2012. The next two exams are focused on administering Windows Server 2012 and configuring Server 2012 advanced services, providing the needed expertise for leadership positions with Windows servers.

Students who continue after becoming MCSA Server 2012 certified may go on to earn Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certification, which is more advanced and qualifies an IT professional for higher level positions.

Although Server 2012 has been in existence since 2012, it has gone through multiple updates and is much more fully developed than the original software.

Why Get Certified?

Company leaders value Microsoft certifications and consider them necessary preparation for implementing Microsoft software within the company infrastructure. A recent survey showed that 75 percent of managers considered certification important to team performance. Additionally, 66 percent thought that certification led to better service and support for end users and customers.

Microsoft certification training Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

Companies often need administrators for their Microsoft servers.

Furthermore, the higher the number of Microsoft certified team members there were, the better the team performed as a whole. This was true even when team members became certified after joining the team.

Microsoft estimated that certification increased your chances of getting hired 5 times compared to not being certified. Another upside to Microsoft certification is that it is easy to verify, unlike some more arcane certifications. The certification is also valid worldwide, so you can use it anywhere in the world you find yourself employed.

Those who earn the MCSA Server 2012 certification are qualified to serve as network administrators, network engineers, systems engineers, computer/network support specialists, and windows migration specialists. Certified individuals will typically earn higher salaries than non-certified individuals with the same level of experience, making the cost of the certification exam and preparation courses well worth it.

Microsoft reported that “in high growth industries, entry level employees who hold a MCSA certification . . . can earn up to $16,000 more, annually, than their peers.” That’s certainly no small figure.

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Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing