How IT Professionals Use the VMware Certification

VMware certification Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

Knowing the ins and outs of virtualization can lead to VMware certification.

VMware certification is a popular certification for IT professionals who want to work in or manage virtual call centers and virtual data systems. VMware certification prepares professionals to fill a variety of positions around network administration and even positions in an engineering capacity.

VCP6-DCV preparation teaches students all the ins and outs of how to use vSphere 6, and candidates are expected to have six months experience with vSphere 6 before taking the VCP6-DCV certification exam. Other expected skills include a thorough understanding of DNS, routers, and connectivity for databases as well as storage using vSphere environments.

What Virtualization Accomplishes

Call center virtualization simply means that call center representatives may work from different geographical locations rather than in one place. Allowing employees to telecommute can cut facility costs; sick time is also cut since employees don’t need to stay home from a workplace to avoid spreading illnesses, and it is easier to work from home even when someone might not feel well.

Data virtualization occurs when data can be accessed and manipulated without being physically present or formatted in a certain way. Data virtualization often uses cloud storage and software that makes data easier to access. When a photo is uploaded to a website and can then be accessed from that website without going back to the original location, data virtualization is often being used.

Virtualization of call centers and data storage systems saves companies money and streamlines their operations, so IT professionals who can create, implement and manage virtual systems will be sought and valued by many companies. Having the VMware certification will open up more job opportunities for IT professionals and will help them to advance or command higher salaries at existing jobs.

VMware certification Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing

Virtualization doesn’t have anything to do with virtual reality, but rather using resources and assets in various places as one holistic unit.

Jobs That Require VMware Knowledge

Advanced VMware certification was recently listed as one of 15 top IT skills that can earn a 6-figure salary in the field by Business Insider, and the VCP6-DCV is the first step to earning that advanced certification.

Some positions listed on Payscale for VMware certifications were Systems Administrators, IT Managers, Senior Systems Engineers, Networking Engineers, and Senior Networking Systems Engineer. Salaries for these positions ranged from $48,000 to nearly $130,000 per year, depending on prior experience and how advanced the position may be.

For many companies running sophisticated networks, administrators will need VMware skills to be able to understand and manage every aspect of the system. VMware certification shows employers that a candidate has the knowledge necessary to create, configure, update and maintain the company’s system as needed for the best possible outcome.

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Rameez Khizer, IT Marketing