6 Ways IT Professionals Use the CompTIA Security+ Certification

IT certifications

The Security+ certification helps you protect company networks against hackers and others who may want to damage them.

The CompTIA Security+ certification is useful to those who want to build their IT careers and gain expertise in the field of network security or related IT specialties. Typically, IT professionals with at least two years of experience take the CompTIA Security+ exam to show that they have mastered the skills necessary to create, configure and maintain networks for businesses and organizations.

Here are some ways IT professionals can use the CompTIA Security+ certification in their careers.

1. To move into a leadership position.

Certified individuals have shown that they can manage networks. If they have also shown the necessary teamwork and collaboration skills as well as management-level leadership skills, it shouldn’t be difficult for those with certification to move into leadership positions as they become available.

2. To help their company or department get a U.S. government contract.

Security+ certification is U.S. government approved and meets all standards and regulations for government work, which will move the process forward when seeking government contracts with the Department of Defense or other sectors of government. Security+ certification will help your company beat out the competition and stand out from the crowd.

3. To earn more money.

Certifications boost salaries, since employers can be assured that you have the skills you say that you do and they can expect a certain level of expertise. Less training is required for those who have certifications like Security+, so companies can pay a higher salary with the money they save on training costs and time spent getting up to speed.

4. To earn more advanced or comprehensive certifications.

The Security+ certification is part of other certifications like those offered by Microsoft or other companies. Although there are many benefits to the certification in and of itself, it can also be a stepping stone to even greater qualification for a particular type of software or another area of IT expertise.

IT certifications

5. To get your foot in the door.

Even if you don’t have enough experience to be a team leader or project manager, the Security+ certification will give you a leg up in competitive entry level positions (like with famous name companies with lots of applicants) where you might not otherwise get a second look.

6. To help you live up to the hype.

Some might find it easy to sell themselves and get hiring managers to buy in and hire them for an IT position. With Security+ certification, you will have the skills to back up the hype so that you will never be just an empty suit (or polo shirt and khakis).

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