A Guide to the CompTIA Network+ Certification

IT coursesCertifications are important for many IT positions because they ensure that specific skills necessary for a given position are mastered. CompTIA Network+ certification shows that students have learned skills for design, configuration, installation, and troubleshooting of business networks used by many companies today.

With a CompTIA Network+ certification, IT professionals will be qualified for positions like network technician, network administrator, or network support specialist. Certification means that students can pass a rigorous test designed to show knowledge about a variety of network types and protocols. Most students attend courses to prepare them for the CompTIA Network+ certification test.

About the CompTIA Network+ Certification

According to the CompTIA website, there are many advantages to getting CompTIA Network+ certified. The certification is not tied to any specific vendor and is internationally recognized, which means you are qualified to work on networks anywhere in the world, across various sectors. The average annual salary of a CompTIA Network+ certified IT professional is $74,000.

Additionally, the CompTIA Network+ certification is compliant with all government regulations and approved by the Department of Defense. If you want to work for the government as an IT network professional, you will likely be required to have this certification.

IT courses

Many businesses have extensive networks that must be created and maintained in good working order.

Why Employers Look for Certification

Without certification, employers don’t know whether IT professionals have the skills they claim to have, and if they are truly qualified to do the job that needs to be done. IT professionals can’t get by on people skills or finesse — they need to know how to perform the tasks that will build, maintain and protect a network. Certification serves as valuable proof for employers that potential hires have reached proficiency in the skills required for the position.

Many employers spend considerable amounts of money to find, hire and onboard new employees, and they don’t really want to go through this process with someone who can’t get the job done. Furthermore, they have contracts to fulfill and other business objectives to meet, which they can’t do if their network isn’t in good functioning order. Hiring a network specialist that can’t do the job will cost a company in more ways than one.

Because of the high stakes many companies place on the proper functioning of their network, they are more likely to hire someone who has the CompTIA Network+ certification and has already shown that they possess the skills required to create and maintain a network. It just makes good business sense.

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