The Most In Demand IT Skills for 2016

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Knowing what tech skills are in high demand can help you decide how to specialize.

If you’re looking to train as an IT professional, it’s important to know what IT skills are in demand so that you can concentrate on developing them. As always, employers are looking for some skills more than others, and it may help your eventual job prospects to be as specific as you can in the skills you learn. Here are some of the hottest areas for tech growth and development right now.

Network Administration

Information Week lists network administration as the most in-demand IT skill. Most businesses now have at least one network — sometimes more if they have multiple locations and offices. Network administrators make sure everything is set up correctly and oversee the maintenance of the network on an ongoing basis. They also need to know about many different kinds of software and hardware to be able to integrate them into the network.

Information Security

With the number of high profile security breaches on the rise, companies are realizing the importance of strong information security systems. Information security professionals help protect businesses from hackers and keep their customers’ and their company information private.

IT Architecture

According to Computerworld’s Forecast 2016 Survey, 42% of companies surveyed said they will be seeking to hire one or more people with IT architecture skills in the coming year. There are actually many kinds of IT architects, from cloud architects to enterprise architects. IT architects generally have multiple areas of IT expertise and can develop a vision for how to put different pieces of IT infrastructure together into a cohesive whole that works for the company.

Software Development

Tom’s IT Pro listed software development as its top in-demand skill for 2016, while acknowledging that the category is broad and encompasses many smaller skills. Some sub-disciplines in particular demand right now include web and mobile development, software engineering, and the Python programming language, as well as app creation for both Android and Apple.

IT courses

PC AGE students develop the latest tech skills.

Project Management

With IT budgets increasing, the number of projects is likely to increase, and that means more project managers will be needed to lead those projects. Project managers need strong leadership skills and the ability to motivate their team, along with a deep understanding of the technical aspects of a project.

Data and Analytics

The amount of data a business has to deal with continues to increase — exponentially in some cases — and many companies are finding that they need expert help to manage and analyze all of that data. From data storage to data mining, skills related to handling mountains of data will likely be in demand for some time.

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