Transitioning to an IT Career? The Right Support System is Key

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Transitioning to an IT career takes education, hard work, and dedication. Having career experience outside the IT field, good educational experiences, and a vision for the future can help, but the right support system can make a big difference in the success of your transition.

Students who are training for a career in the IT field have often come from other professions to do so. Maybe you got a taste for IT while in another position where skills overlapped, or maybe you realized you had a knack for tech when you found yourself constantly helping family and friends with their technology issues.

You have some advantages when transitioning to IT from another career. You have experience in the working world that other students don’t, and you may have gotten some on-the-job training in the skills you will later use in the IT field. Still, these advantages don’t always mean you will fall into a job easily or that you will be considered over students without career experience.

The Importance of Career Services

Attending a school with career services can provide the support you will need to make your transition to the IT field successful. Navigating the job search arena is difficult for even the most accomplished students. Expert help can give you the skills and experience you will need to prepare resumes that will wow prospective employers and to ace interviews.

A school’s career services programs can provide all of the following services to students:

–Resume preparation help. Students need to know about applicant tracking software and how to format resumes to conform to keywords and formatting necessities.

–Job search techniques. Finding job openings takes some work, and students are taught where to look beyond job sites online in order to discover open positions.

–Practice with interview skills. Trained professionals help students learn how to interview effectively and practice these skills so that they are comfortable in interview situations.

In addition to these practical helps, career services departments work to develop relationships with local and other employers and recruiters in order to help students make connections even before graduation. Employers can report job openings directly to career services personnel and receive recommendations about which students might be a good fit.

IT training coursesPC AGE Career Services Provides Career Transition Support to Students

For over 25 years, PC AGE Career Institute has created a strong position of credibility among employers by focusing on only one thing: certification-based training for a computer networking career.  Our Career Services staff has developed trusted relationships with employers by preparing and recommending IT applicants that meet job requirements.  PC AGE graduates are hired by companies like Microsoft, IBM, UPS, Verizon, Pfizer, Associated Press, Bank of America, Capital One, Standard & Poors and many other organizations that are large and small, public and private.

Career training workshops are provided to all students along with required coursework and hands-on experiences to prepare them for the job search and interview situations. PC AGE’s career services give students the support they need to make a successful transition to an IT career. Request information about PC AGE’s IT programs — including career services — today.