4 05, 2018

5 Essential Skills You Need as a Linux Administrator


Linux is an open-source operating system that many businesses use to run their operations. Due to its open source nature and less stringent hardware requirements, some foward-thinking enterprises are making the move to Linux. As a result, there's a need for quality Linux administrators who know their way around this OS.   Here are some essential skills you [...]

5 Essential Skills You Need as a Linux Administrator2019-01-23T14:48:07-04:00
4 05, 2018

Gap on Your Resume? No Problem!


  As a job seeker, it can be a major source of concern when you have a gap in your resume. If potential employers see that you spent time unemployed, they may think that your skills are not up to par or that you may not be a quality employee. It is possible to deal with a gap on your [...]

Gap on Your Resume? No Problem!2018-09-04T20:39:50-04:00