21 04, 2018

New Cyber Threats: Trends Mean New Opportunities for IT Professionals


  Hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to attack businesses and steal data or disrupt operations. During March alone, IT Governance listed 47 major ransomware attacks and data breaches against companies, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and school districts. Nearly 21 million records were leaked during these attacks.   One of the biggest ransomware attacks took down systems throughout [...]

New Cyber Threats: Trends Mean New Opportunities for IT Professionals2019-01-23T14:48:22-04:00
17 04, 2018

How to Find an Unadvertised Job


Many available jobs are not advertised online on paid job boards.   According to Glassdoor, only about 15-20 percent of available jobs are advertised on job boards and websites. Many smaller companies don't have a big enough hiring budget to pay for these listings, so they use other means to get the word out when they need to [...]

How to Find an Unadvertised Job2018-09-04T20:39:51-04:00
12 04, 2018

Can Hacking Be Ethical?


White hat or ethical hackers are needed by many businesses to counter security threats.   Hackers are typically seen as criminals that use their tech skills to break into companies' computer systems and steal information, money, or customer data. In most cases, hacking is extremely unethical and involves committing crimes that hurt others. What Is Ethical Hacking? It [...]

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3 04, 2018

7 PC AGE Student Success Stories Worth Sharing


Many students have found new IT careers after taking PC AGE's IT Program.   PC AGE has helped thousands of students get the skills they needed to start or advance in an IT career. By helping students gain advanced computer skills including networking, data analysis, and cybersecurity, PC AGE prepares students for a number of different careers in [...]

7 PC AGE Student Success Stories Worth Sharing2018-09-04T20:39:51-04:00